Cyclo-Cross and Sailing

Well it turned out be a very muddy day. It rained hard on and off all week and even rained the morning of. There were big pools of standing water through out the entire course. The mud we have in the river valley is clay, which is very slick when wet. I rode both the B race and the A race, I'm not sure I will attempt that to often, it was very draining. I took third in both races... there were only 3 people in the A's, but it was still a good learning experience. After the festival was over I went to a going away party for one of my coworkers Fernando. I work at the Great Northern Bicycle Company which employs a lot of college students so there is a lot of turn over with graduating and what not. Fernando is off to Seattle. So the next day (last Sunday) we went sailing until it was dark. It was a great time!


Red River Bicycle Festival

Tomorrow is going to be a day filled with bicycle related activities! The morning is going to start with a cyclo-cross race, then bike polo in the afternoon, and it is all wrapped up with a mountain bike race at 2:30. I will be racing B's and I might also pay the extra 5 to race in A's just for fun. I am not sure if I am going to do the mountain bike race or not. It is going to be a really fun day. Hopefully I will be posting pictures Saturday evening or Sunday!


Things I Cannot Recall

This is my very first sculpture. It is made of 3/8 gauge steel and welded using a MIG Arc Welder. My goal was to create a hand with a gesture that was sort of reflective. The red yarn around the finger is there to help remember something, we have all heard this expression. I am happy how it turned out. I have a lot to learn about welding but this was really fun! I also now know my way around an anvil, which is a fun tool and with practice you can create some nice bends! I will get some better pictures of it sometime in the future.


That Time of the Year

It is time to remove the skinny tires and put on some lovely, knobby, mud loving, fat tires! This year I upgraded to Cat 3 Cyclo-Cross! I am nervous for what the MCF Cyclo-Cross season has in store for me and my bike. Get Pumped!